Team Wortham

As a young man raised in the projects of Atlanta, I had some difficult times. Being exposed to drugs and alcohol at an early age caused me to miss out on opportunities that could have propelled me to success early on in life.


I remember, and will never forget, that day; I was 10 years old at the time and I was given alcohol and weed for the first time. Sadly, what I experienced was a common occurrence in the hood — no one thought anything of it. However, for me, that day would actually lead to an addiction by the time I was a senior in high school. Earning a basketball scholarship with an addiction did not work out very well for me. I was kicked out of school during my sophomore year for having a bad attitude – caused by my addiction.  After joining the Navy a short time after my short college career, I spent four years trying to figure out how to be free from drugs and alcohol.


Once I was free from the addiction, I vowed to never let my kids get exposed to drugs and alcohol the same way I was. I minimized their exposure to people who used drugs and alcohol to the best of my ability.  However as time passed by I noticed my son had allowed drugs and alcohol affect him the same way it affected me; losing a scholarship and making life harder for himself.  All of this led me on a desperate journey attempting to save my son as well as other young people who had allowed drugs and alcohol to possibly limit their ability to reach their maximum potential. So I decided to share my experience of going from being dependent on drugs and alcohol to being free from them.


The information in this books comes from the heart of an addicted person who worked his own program to become free and continues to fight to maintain that freedom every day. I became an expert by becoming a behavior specialists and taking classes to learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain.


I also completed several research based opportunities to collect data to ensure that my strategies were relevant to the millennial 21st century mindset. In this book you will hear honesty and expertise from my heart as though I am talking to my loved ones because that is exactly who I am talking to. In the process of helping my own I hope to help thousands overcome their addiction and continue throughout their lives to fight to maintain that freedom.